Tourism in Top Luxury Hotels of India



India is a land known for its hospitality. The people of India believe in the famous adage of, "Atithi Devo Bhava". The hospitality industry of the country keeps this principle in mind. The number of Luxury hotels in India has been rapidly growing as India is growing as a nation.Today, people from all parts of the world visit the country for business and tourism purposes.

The natural diversity of the land has led to a strong attraction from tourists. Foreigners love to take a Luxury tour of India in order to view the wonders of the land. The Luxury hotel bookings can be done very conveniently these days on the websites of the hotels.

The hotels accept advance payments through the internet as well.Two of the largest and most reputed chains of hotels are the Taj group of hotels and the Oberoi group of hotels.


The Taj group of hotels was started in 1903 by Jamsetji Tata, who also founded the Tata Group.The first hotel to be set up by the group was the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.

The centenary celebrations of the Taj group were done with aplomb in 2003. The group has hotels and subsidiaries all over the country, especially in major cities, as well as in foreign countries. There are 93 properties in India and 16 overseas.

The Taj hotels are synonymous with India hospitality all over the world.The Taj hotels are built and designed depending upon the location of the hotel. The improvisations of the buildings from beach resorts to authentic Rajput palaces are a marvellous example of preserving the culture of the land. The travellers who put up at the Taj properties are given an extraordinary service.

The privacy of the guests is respected. The cuisine, prepared by the best chefs in the country is world-class. Book Your Stay With us & Get upto 20% off‎. The Oberoi group of hotels have two separate chains of hotels, namely – The luxury Oberoi group of hotels and the five-star Trident.

Thisgroup is world famous for its proper mix of service, efficiency and luxury. The group has been phenomenal in its customer service and has received several accolades from around the world.  The very definition of excellence and luxury in the hospitality industry has been redefined by the hotels of the Oberoi group. The service provided by the staff of the hotel is of global standards. The guests have a wonderful experience staying in the hotels.

The Oberoi Group was started in the year 1934. It has over 30 properties in India and abroad. The Group also owns a Nile cruiser and a vessel in Kerala.

The Trident chains of hotels offer its guest quality at an affordable value. In the 21st Century India is regarded as a global superpower.  Hence the economic importance of the place as increased by leaps and bounds in the last two decades. The scene of Luxury hotels in India has dramatically changed in the last few years.

A large number of International players have entered the scene as the hospitality industry has a scope of huge growth in the next few years. The Indian hotel chains are holding their own in this competitive market offering lower rates.  The Luxury hotel bookings have increased as more and more people take a Luxury tour of India. We offer special or discounted rates for luxury accommodation in India.